Dataplex Support

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Dataplex software or the SSD product it came with, the following support options are available.

Download Dataplex

If you are using an older version of Dataplex, you may want to check the system requirements and download the latest version of Dataplex, to insure you have the latest and greatest Dataplex software.

Help / FAQ Documentation

To troubleshoot common issues, please see our list of Help & FAQ documentation.

Contact Dataplex Support

For help with specific Dataplex issues that are not covered in the FAQs, send an email to Please include detailed information on what kind of system you're running and what errors you may be encountering, so our support team can better help you.

Supported SSD Products

Dataplex is supported on the following SSD products. You can find these products at your favorite electronics retailers, or on the manufacturers' websites, below.

OCZ Synapse Cache SSD (64GB, 128GB)
Corsair Accelerator Series SSD Cache Drive (30GB, 45GB, 60GB)
Crucial Adrenaline (50GB)
OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid SSD/HDD (1TB, PCI Express)
EDGE Boost Cache SSD (50GB, 100GB)
Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD (50GB, 100GB)