Dataplex System Requirements

Before installing Dataplex, please make sure you are aware of the system requirements and limitations, to insure that it is compatible with your PC configuration.

Dataplex v1.3.0.0 System Requirements and Limitations

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 only.


  • When a boot drive is selected to be the Target Drive, the drive must be configured as MBR (Master Boot Record).

  • Multiple-Operating Systems / dual-boot configurations are not supported.

  • If the selected Target drive has the Windows installation (C:\Windows folder), it must also have Windows System Partition (100MB partition) on the same drive and vice-versa.

  • Only one cache SSD is supported in a system.

  • There cannot be two identical SSDs in the system, one of which is to be used as cache.

  • Use of RAID sets as the cache drive is not supported.

  • The following configuration(s) are not supported:

    • NVIDIA storage controllers

    • VIA storage controllers

    • Adaptec storage controllers

Known Issues

  • If, after uninstallation of Dataplex, the system is restored to a prior state in which Dataplex was installed, Dataplex will be started in a disabled state.

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